Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Tea for Two" meets "Madame Librarian"

Our original favors were going to be little bottles of homemade vanilla extract. It was going to be a really fun, cool project. Unfortunately, we thought of that idea about a year ago. And since then the price of vanilla beans has gone up more than I would have thought possible. So now we are without favors. My new ideas are either homemade tea bags or hand embroidered tea towels (to go along with the tea theme from the centerpieces). I found this really cute embroidery design:

If it was on tea towels it would be tie in the book theme with the tea theme. How cute is that?
Both of those ideas sound expensive and time consuming, but I haven’t done the necessary research to figure out how much it would cost me and how long it would take me. I'm guessing it's not really possible. Maybe if I had started a couple years ago. There's also these, which I thought were kind of cute.
I don’t want Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle. I don’t want a picture frame that doubles as a table number. In fact, I don’t want a favor that people are going to forget at the hotel, or throw away at the airport or any of the other things that have happened to favors I have received over the years. I just want it to be unique and cool and something people will actually enjoy.  Ideas?


  1. I made the towels from the pattern above for Che and A for Christmas. It took me a while, and it's spendier than the tea bag thingys, which ps are super cute. I vote tea bad thingys, but if you decide on the tea towels, let me know asap and send me some towels and I'll get started. It is, after all, my duty to help.

  2. PS, I just saw "A Beautiful Mess" on your blog list. I found that one yesterday! I heart it!!

  3. Your own tea sounds super cool.

    Lately I've decided that gifts you can enjoy then dispose of are perfect. You use them, love them, remember a happy day, and get some mmmm tea out of the deal...you could even make a custom Johnston tea...fancy! And you could serve it at the wedding! oooh!

    As for the tea towels, it would take forever and be pretty pricey. It takes me hours just to do one piece of embroidery, and that's only if i really really love the person I'm giving it to...

    PS I want a whole box of Johnston tea as my favor FYI. ;)

  4. Skip them all together! yoour guests don't need a favor... getting to go to the wedding and take part in your day is favor enough!

    after making a million batches of homemade carmel popcorn for my sister's wedding, only to see half of them forgotten, i realized that favors are pointless. Skip them. nobody will even notice. put the money/time/effort into making something else nicer that they will remember. (like the soda bar. which i think is an amazing idea and super cute! I would hate to see you put all your time into making super cute tea towels and then have people not appreciate them. Seriously. I have been to a ton of weddings and have never taken the favor with me.

    but that is just me. on the list of things about a wedding i hate the most... favors top it! if you want to see the whole list just let me know : )