Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Food, glorious food! We're anxious to try it!"

We are meeting with the caterer in two weeks and I am finding myself becoming nervouser and nervouser. Beyond the financial  EEK! that’s coming our way, there is also another major flaw in this plan. The problem is this. Our wedding is in June. I should be thinking of feeding my guests light early Summer fare. Salads and fresh vegetables and limeades.
Things like this:

And instead I’m really worried that I’ll end up asking the caterer for things like this:

Because right now? It’s January. In Iowa.  And it is COLD. It is so COLD that I can’t help but type-yell in all caps the word. It is COLD. Everything is frozen to everything and it took me 10 minutes to open my car door this morning and I’m indoors right now and I am still shivering so much I can barely type. So just cross your fingers, and hope that I don’t end up serving you this:

Well...actually...maybe that I ccould get away with. Right? RIGHT?

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