Monday, February 22, 2010

"By Saturday, we learned a thing or two..."

We met with the caterer this weekend. It was fun to be back in Columbia, we miss that town very very much. 
I was excited to see the new City Hall is almost completely done. Our guests will walk right by it between the church and the reception and I think it makes the city proud. This is what the building looked like when we moved. I am glad that this isn't what people will see on our wedding day!

As for the meeting with the went well. I guess. It was a little overwhelming to tell the truth. 
There are just so many little things to decide and plan and negotiate. 
Plus we were late, which makes me flustered. 

We made many, many decisions. Want to know a few?
Well...when guests arrive, they will be offered some yummy mimosas. 

Because that's one of the only alcoholic beverages you can get away with at noon. 

For lunch there will be an option between a yummy sounding chicken with artichokes and mushrooms or stuffed portabella caps, similar to these:

I think I will get the vegetarian option. Even though I'm not a vegetarian. Because seriously. 

My mom and I also picked out a pattern and a fabric for the junior bridesmaids dresses. She's making them. I'm not far advanced in my sewing skillz enough to pull them off. But I am going to attempt the ring pillow sometime this week. Wish me luck!


  1. One of my best friends is getting married in July and I'm making my bridesmaid dress (assuming it doesn't end horribly and I end up buying something the day before!).
    And those entrees sound delicious - I would have a tough time choosing between them!