Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look, ma'am, an invitation, Here, ma'am, delivered by hand.

I’m getting ready to send out the save the date cards and trying to gather up addresses. It’s actually a difficult process, but I am just trying to remind myself that after I do this I will have the Christmas card list for the rest of our lives…or at least the foundation for it.

The save the dates are so cute and I really can’t wait to post a picture of them here.

Somewhat related to the invitation theme of this post: my friend Ali and I have been trying to think of something she can design for me to use as a stamp for the wedding stationary/paper goods. I decided I didn’t want a typical monogram and that so many things about the wedding will be traditional I wanted at least one element that was fantastical and different and maybe a little bit modern. The trouble is, we can’t think of anything. I really have no idea how to artistically represent our relationship. I think it should have something to do with water or rivers. I want it to be about equality and partnership and sharing burdens. I want it to involve our favorite things. And I want it to be beautiful and as far from tacky as possible.
Any ideas?

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